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Let us handle your rental properties!

Reasons to Use Our Property Management Team

Live in a diffrent location

Many homeowners who live in a different location than their property decide to use a property management company because there are many issues you can't handle from a distance. 

Lack skills to handle direct managment of your property.

From listing your home for lease and collecting rent payments, to overseeing repairs, finding the perfect tenants, and keeping compliance with Nevada laws, our team will take the worry out of the process. When you enlist Windermere  Anthem Hills Property Management, we ensure your property is properly handled. 

Limited time to manage properties

If you have many properties to manage you may lack the time to manage them all. Having a job or other responsibilities limits the time you have to properly manage your property. By using the Windermere Anthem Hills property management team, we will ensure everything is handled. We can assist with all your properties or just one property, the choice is yours!

Grow your Investment

The Windermere Anthem Hills Property Management team have the experience and skill to protect and maximize your property. We will keep you informed on the rental and real estate market to help you make decisions about your property to ensure you stay competitive. We will provide a market analysis on the current rental property market conditions. Our team will strategize for setting the right rental price and adjusting to the market. We will advise you on improvements to make to the property to make it more attractive to renters.   


Maximize Exposure

By using Windermere Anthem Hills property managers, your property will get more exposure to potential tenants through our marketing strategies and network. Your property will be advertised to reach attractive tenants. We will handle the lease agreements, renewals, and walk-through inspections. Rent and security deposits are collected for you by our team. Interested applicants will be screened to include credit, rental history, employment, personal reference and other background checks. 



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