Would You Lease if You Could Own for Free?

1000 Wigwam Parkway commercial building for sale in Henderson, NV 89014

The answer to this question is invariably no. There aren’t a lot of people out there that want to pay for something they can get for free. What you are thinking is, what’s the catch? Nothing that sounds this good can possibly be true, right? While you should be hesitant, read on and see what the benefits of buying a commercial property are, and how you may be able to get tenants to pay at least the majority of your bills.

Buying Commercial Property vs Leasing

Just like most big ticket items, such as your home or car, a commercial lease means that you are paying a commercial property owner a monthly rent payment you can never recover. For the owner you are paying for their building, property taxes, maintenance, and so on. Reverse this, and instead of paying someone else, consider buying a commercial building, with multiple suites, to lease and reduce your overall costs. In order to be an owner user you must occupy the majority of your commercial property, or over 50 percent. Buying a commercial property with two suites means that as long as you occupy the larger suite, you can have a renter in the other suite and put their rent towards your monthly payment.

Be Your Own Landlord

Consider that the checks you write every month for a storefront, building, or office are going toward the property you own, and all rent from tenants are reducing your monthly payment in the short term, and making you money in the long term, and it makes the choice very simple. Most established Henderson businesses feel as though they are unable to afford a property, especially a nice one, on land or a corner lot, with parking, and without it being dilapidated or need of rehab.

Available Commercial Property in Henderson

Your Windermere Anthem Hills team have properties for sale at a price you can afford. The elite single story building on a corner lot across 0.71 acres at 1000 Wigwam Parkway in 89014 is just one of those properties. Offering easy access from the Interstate 215 and easily visible between Gibson and Stephanie, you are sure to see great potential in a property that is currently taking offers from owner users and investors alike. Learn more about this property and see how you can become your own landlord today.

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