Why Experience Matters in Property Managers

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Asking a homeowner that manages their own properties about the time energy and effort needed to manage them and the answer is likely to reveal more woes than you would have anticipated. For this reason many homeowners opt to hire a property manager and share a little money for a lot of worry. But all property managers are not created equal, especially in a city like Las Vegas.

Why Experience Matters

Background Checks – Homeowners may pay for background checks through software and tools, but an experienced property manager knows that it’s more than a quick check on their previous residence, credit and criminal history. Failing to properly perform background checks may result in poor tenants.

Honest Repairmen – Anyone can call a company to fix a water heater, roof, or pool, but an experienced property manager has a list of trusted providers they know won’t try to take advantage of a landlord. Having honest repairmen available to quickly fix problems, and identify potential problems, equals happy tenants.

Always Available – Having an experienced property manager means that your properties always have a point of contact, that isn’t the homeowner. This means that your tenants always have someone available should an issue arise, and since everything has been agreed upon earlier, it doesn’t interrupt you on the weekends or during holidays.

These are just a few of the reasons why having an experienced property manager from Windermere Anthem Hills is beneficial to any homeowner that wants income properties without the headache. Contact our residential property management team for more details on how we can help you protect your income.

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