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30Rooftop deck living is taking Southern Nevada by storm and builders like Ryland and D.R. Horton are not only taking notice but are also making this a staple feature in their offerings.

“This wasn’t just a one-off thing,” Rogers of Rylands said. “We embraced it as a product moving forward and innovated. If you do this long enough, you have to constantly look at how to do better things.”

Apart from being an innovative feature of the homes they are selling, Ryland is also capitalizing on this feature because of the panoramic view in Las Vegas.

“Having panoramic views is what makes it worthwhile,” he said. “And the year-round enjoyment. We have people who go up at night in the summers when it’s really hot and can still enjoy it, looking at the stars. Fireplaces let them have heat in the winter.”

Meanwhile, D.R. Horton wishes to make rooftop decks more affordable at the consumer level.

“They really wanted to do something to bring it to the public and give them a little taste of something different and make it affordable for everybody,” Noto said. “Ours are a little different. The decks, the shapes, the sizes. The whole thing is just completely different. We wanted to give our buyers more customization. That’s why they get to interchange them.”

Although none come standard like at Ryland, sales agent Michael Mikolajewski said his company’s lowest-priced deck option can be had for $18,000 on its lowest-priced model, which offers 2,820 square feet at a base price of $473,990. Both Noto and Mikolajewski said that rooftop upgrades are averaging about $35,000 and that the enclosed observatory and indoor-outdoor options are running even in popularity.

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