Looking to Buy/Sell Your Home this Holiday Season?

With the holiday season upon us and the New Year quickly approaching it is hard to believe that 2014 is ending and that the start of 2015 is right around the corner! With all of the hustle and bustle from the holidays, homes can start to feel cramped or too big for your family. Windermere Anthem Hills is here to help you! Whether your current home is too small or too big for your family, we have everything you need to help buy or sell your home!

You might be thinking that this isn’t the time of year to look to buy or sell your home due to the weather and short days, but driving around and looking for homes for sale is a thing of the past! Nowadays, a lot of home shopping, at least initially, happens online and via apps. Buyers don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules to drive around — they can just sit down with a tablet on the couch.

As a result of the Internet and our on-the-go lifestyles, the fall months are no longer a real estate dead zone. True, spring is still the busiest time to buy or sell a home but there is plenty of action happening from Fall through Winter to make it worth your time to put up a “For Sale” sign. Here’s why.

There are still buyers out there

Buyers never stop looking. A serious buyer is looking at homes online 24/7, even though it may be the holidays. If the right home comes on the market, they are ready to move. In fact, it could be that buyers in the early winter months may even beĀ more motivated because there is less going on. They tend to have fewer distractions and are able to laser their focus at finding the perfect home.

There is less competition to deal with

The majority of people are still into the old way of thinking that real estate slows to a crawl by October and virtually stops from Thanksgiving until March, when the weather starts to get warmers. As a consequence, many potential sellers decide to forego putting their house on the market during these months. They wait until the spring. This is good news for you because less inventory on the market means less competition for you.

Don’t want to be bothered during the holiday season? List in January

We all know that the thought of having to keep the house clean, holding open houses and vacating to accommodate last-minute showing during the holiday season will kill anyone’s “Christmas spirit”.

If so, consider listing your property right after the new year. Traditionally, not very much inventory comes onto the market during this time. Inventory will be tight and, as mentioned previously, there will still be potential buyers out there looking. In fact, with the holiday season just ending, January buyers may be even more motivated. They have a new mind set of getting things done for the New Year and buying a home is on that list.

Ultimately, as we enter into the final days of 2014, there are undoubtedly plenty of motivated buyers in the market, searching for that perfect place to call “Home”. Doesn’t that sound like a good time to sell?

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