Golf Course Residences: A Hole in One

When it comes to the development of our communities and cities, finding open plots of inchoate land in urban areas can prove to be an arduous task for land owners and developers alike.

However, the Las Vegas Valley is seeing countless golf courses be closed down with the prospective intent of being redeveloped as upscale housing and apartment complexes.

While this is a godsend for those looking to develop the land, it is a nightmare for golf course residents who have invested their earnings and their hearts in residing in a tight-knit community surrounding their favorite past-time.

Golf Course Communities

Lake Las Vegas Real Estate Company - Windermere Anthem HillsFor golf course proprietors, owning and operating a business that primarily appeals to an aging-demographic is becoming an undesirable business venture that holds less lucrative opportunity than it used to. Nonetheless, it is proving to be a very touchy subject for golf course residents, and as such, city officials are putting development plans on hold with golf courses like Badlands and Silverstone until they can conceive and deliver a standardized, comprehensive real estate development plan. Badlands Golf Course in particular has been tied-up in a controversial stand off between the developers and the opposition, and City Council is doing their best to give these plans their utmost attention and consideration for the most beneficial outcome.

The difficult part for developers is achieving a healthy balance between infrastructural advancement and the rights of homeowners who pay for premium, golf course-living. Yet, this could prove to be a gold mine of sorts for both parties, considering the high demand and low supply of open urban spaces. What this means for homeowners, is that because their homes are on highly sought after pieces of land, they can sell their homes for much more than they were initially worth. As for the developing parties, this means that they will be able to continue furthering the progression of the communities and infrastructure without having to resort to land that lies on the outskirts of city limits. So, if you are a golf course resident yourself, do not fret when it comes to the prospect of selling your home, you are in a prime position to negotiate on your own terms and make this seemingly lack luster situation work for you.

The Future of Golf Course Real Estate

The trend of golf course-closures is only continuing to rise, but developers and city officials are looking to create the most legitimate plan that will serve all parties efficiently and appropriately with little to no outstanding conflict or cost. Moreover, Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Seroka is fighting to make sure that golf course residents and HOA officials have a legitimate platform to negotiate and have a say in how their beloved plots of land are further developed — considering the amount that said residents have invested in their communities and their homes.

What it comes down to, is that times are changing, as they typically seem to do. As such, sports and communities that used to hold merit are losing their desirability and credibility and are being subjected to transformation into more lucrative means of residential living. While uprooting from one’s homestead is never a pleasant occurrence, this can prove to be a profitable venture for all parties involved. For those living in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, it is no mystery that the real estate market is extremely fickle and fluctuating. So, if you or someone you know is involved as a homeowner, land owner, or developer, then whether you are purchasing land, buying a home, or selling your home, you can make this work you.

A Positive Outcome

Keep your attention on the inflation and deflation of the market and be sure to keep yourself well-informed of all the developments that are rapidly approaching. Despite the unfortunate aspect of leaving your home and/or selling your land, think of it as a way to evolve your life and support the growth of an economy and community, while simultaneously receiving what your plot of land and your home are truly worth.

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