Commercial Property

Commercial real estate is big business and whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease, you need to use a qualified commercial property agent. Unlike residential properties, commercial real estate has it’s own set of rule and legislation that you need to be made aware of before you buy or lease your space. A Windermere Anthem Hills agent will be able to assist you with this information, keeping you in compliance and out of hot water. As a full service commercial brokerage we have spaces available for purchase, are able to sell your space and we connect those wanting to lease with available spaces for rent.

Negotiating a price per square foot, deciding who is responsible for common area maintenance, and other associated fees can be challenging and difficult. Windermere Anthem Hills know about the pot holes that tenants can hit if they are not careful when negotiating their lease. Buying a commercial property comes with high stakes, and going it alone can leave you remorseful and above market rate fees.

Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Agent?


Great commercial property agents, such as the ones at Windermere Anthem Hills, scour the market on a daily basis, making sure that they get you the best rate possible. Our relationships with many Henderson and Las Vegas property owners means that we know where to negotiate and which landlords are more difficult. This knowledge is something that takes a trained professional to create.

It Doesn’t Cost You More

Business owners don’t generally know that the cost of commission for buyers and landlords are already built into the price. This means that using a commercial property realtor doesn’t cost you any more than not using one. Electing not to have representation means that this money goes to the broker representing the landlord, the person negotiating against you. Use this sunken money to your advantage and hire a Windermere Anthem Hills commercial property realtor. We will negotiate for you, getting you the terms and price you want.

Market Data & Professional Tools

Windermere Anthem Hills commercial property realtors make sure to have the most accurate market data, using only the best tools, giving you an edge on the market. Basing site selection and rates on this data will inevitable help you make the right decision for your commercial property.

Negotiations Are Our Specialty

Make no doubt about it, the negotiation of your lease, the terms, and responsibilities, are all very complex. The very structure of your lease should be created by someone on your side of the table, not the seller or landlord. You need a professional that can properly assist you with making the best choices and ensure that you will not be regretting items that were left out or included.

More Than Just A Lease

With so much experience in commercial property you can rest assured that your agent has the connections you need to help you with more than just a lease. We have a network of professionals we trust to assist you with interior design, office layout, legal needs, architectural services, upgrades and repairs, to help you accomplish the property you have been looking for.

Contact your local Windermere Anthem Hills commercial agent to learn more about how we can help you with your next lease or purchase. Our experience is sure to prove invaluable to your business. Speak with an agent today.

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