Clark County Foreclosures Remain High

clark county foreclosures are still on the rise.

Throughout Nevada, defaults are on the rise, making Nevada one of the top five states for foreclosure defaults in 2015, and as high as 2nd in February.  While foreclosure defaults are dropping nationally, Nevada’s property defaults continue to drop, indicating a lack of capital outlay to pick up the slack. Meanwhile, investment opportunities abound as Nevada property values continue to drop due to a lack of buyers.

Henderson Begins a Property Default Registry

Henderson foreclosures are now unavoidable and Henderson is now the latest Southern Nevada city to have a foreclosure registry. In an effort to stem market neglect due to longer-term availability, the city has gone so far as to list all Henderson foreclosures available with the hope that it will be easier for investors to find good properties to work with. Henderson’s creation of a registry is a telling indicator that the city is looking for larger-scale investment.

Clark County Foreclosures Remain High

After a one-day high of 934 foreclosures in 2013, Clark County Remains with thousands of foreclosures on its books. Investors interested in Clark County foreclosures have thousands of properties available at their disposal to use for investment.  As logjams and paperwork related to the foreclosure process continue to smooth out, it’s expected that Nevada will bounce back somewhat to pre-crisis levels.

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