Las Vegas Homeowners Redefining Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

Whether it’s the sunshine, beautiful weather or just because they can, Las Vegas homeowners are taking outdoor kitchens up to a new high. Outdoor kitchens have been gaining in popularity all around … [Read more...]

Customers are Using Search Tools and Virtual Tours to Buy Homes Without Stepping on the Property

Buying a new home use to mean spending hours with a realtor travelling all over town. At each house the realtor would give you a little history about the home and tell you about the best features. … [Read more...]

Beyond the Strip – Vegas, the Home Away From Home

Las Vegas has been a tourist attraction for many, many years.  It has captured the attention of the average American citizen and multi-millionaires alike.  Many high profile individuals and … [Read more...]

Encouraging News: Boost in New Home Sales Shows Las Vegas Market on ‘Steady Upward Trend’

Undoubtedly, homeowners in Las Vegas get just a bit nervous whenever the terms “bubble and burst” are mentioned after the roller coaster ride with past housing prices. However, home sales and prices … [Read more...]

Housing Market Enjoys Boost in New Home Sales Shows Las Vegas Market on ‘Steady Upward Trend’

The new housing market is like The Little Engine That Could, steadily climbing up the real estate hill, selling one house at a time. Sales showed a 12% increase in July compared to sales in 2014. New … [Read more...]

In A Rising Market, Foreclosures Go Up

In 2008, the housing crisis reached a point in Las Vegas where thousands of homes were being foreclosed and were off the market. It took almost a decade for the crisis to recover, but last year a mere … [Read more...]

Double Digit Increase in Las Vegas Home Prices

Home sellers in Las Vegas couldn’t be more pleased that there has been a double-digit increase in home prices according to the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors. Las Vegas Area Home Prices Up … [Read more...]

Home purchases By investors within Las Vegas are Now on par with National Rate

Home are selling well in Las Vegas. In fact, a recent report shows that people are buying homes in Las Vegas just as often as they are in other parts of the country. A few years ago this wasn't the … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Not in Top Five Distressed Housing Markets–Yet

According to data compiled by Realtytrac, the Las Vegas foreclosure recovery indicates slow progress at best. While some remain optimistic, others believe the market to be tenuous, and believe it is … [Read more...]

Lake Las Vegas starts comeback from Great Recession

Lake Las Vegas is home to some of the fanciest and most expensive houses in the state. It has been a popular recreational area since the early 90's but was an area of Henderson that was hit … [Read more...]

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